Jawar Mohammed’s Statement in Federal High Court 9/21/20


I would like to say something during this trial. I Jawar Mohammed, I am being charged for the second time by the Ethiopian government for advocating for justice and equality. The first one was while I was abroad, because of our involvement in a movement that brought change to Ethiopia.

As the result of that change the government admitted they were wrong and that they were the ones who were actually terrorizing people and dismissed the charges.

This charge is the second one. To be arrested and charged for advocating justice and equality, I carry it as a badge of honor. The objective of these charges is to exclude us, opposition party leaders from the election so they can run unopposed.

The reason they are doing this is, they saw the support and influence we have from millions of people at our rallies around the country and lost hope when they realized that they will not receive votes from the people nor even rats for that matter.

We have seen charges against Iskindir. They jailed him not because he committed any crime, rather they were afraid of his political activity in Finfinnee. Similarly Obbo Liidatuu was imprisoned to bar him from politics for illegal weapon possession which was the very pistol they issued him.

In short the government opened these charges against us to exclude strong political opponents from the election. On our part we are not scared of these fabricated baseless charges. On the issue of justice and equality for our people we are ready to face bullets head on.

What everyone must understand is this show trial doesn’t solve anything except subjecting this country and our people to more suffering, but in this day and age in this country there is absolutely no way dictatorship will prevail over our people. Everyone must understand that, millions will oppose it.

Jawar Mohammed
Human rights advocate.

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