Jawar Mohammed Courtroom Statement at the Federal First Instant Court: September 8, 2020


We struggled throughout our life for justice. As a result, we are seeing judges who are promising about our justice system. However, this change should reach the district and local levels. We understand the pressure the government is putting on the prosecutors. Yet, you have to be loyal to your profession and the truth. Free yourself from the political pressure on your work. We thank the police staff for keeping us safe and showing us respect. Nevertheless, the protection of this type should not be limited to only political personalities like us. Provide proper protection and care to all political prisoners in Oromia. Please do not kill or torcher them.

We are political prisoners. We are imprisoned due to the political differences we have with the people in power. No country can continue peacefully by detaining, killing, and forcing people to flee the country. Many states have disintegrated in this way. We are imprisoned for vowing not to let the freedom of the Oromo people at our expense.

Change cannot be achieved by detaining the Oromos. Hundreds of thousands of people are fleeing the country to escape the killings and torture. You are disintegrating the country by killing our son Haacaaluu Hundeessa, imprisoning political leaders, and raping and killing our women. Regime is sure to rise and fall. It is only justice that could help this country to continue to exist. Justice is greater than those in power!

Jawar Mohammed
Human rights advocate.

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